Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time Tells ALL..Or does it?

As much as I don't want to believe it time matters. Often time we may not have the money, the right words to say or clever joke but we all have time. As the saying goes"you make time for what/who is most important". In dating how does one gage that. In the beginning we show our best foot forward and may invest more time that we really have to spare. The once we get comfortable we go back in to a slower pace. Who suffers because of the slack? Do you have the right to address more time? I know people say take your time when dating BUT is my time not valuable? Should you not want to so end time with the person of interests...unless maybe the person has lost interest. So who is suppose to figure out. If its left to me I would assume you aren't THAT in to me if you don't take time out your busy life to include me in it...just a tad. I beleive this is more of me venting for all the women who dont beg for time and STILL dont get what we deserve.

Sometimes I wonder if maybe I should be needy, clingy, suffocating, whiny, and attached early. Unfortunately, I may break out in hives trying to be something Im NOT.

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