Monday, April 25, 2011

Feeling Some Type Of Way

What happens when you lose interests in your person of interest off one incident? The may say or do something that somewhat turns you off. To the point you dwell on that one thing too long and there is no point of return. I have heard this from people of both sexes.  A guy may answer his phone without saying excuse me on a date Or a lady could consistently be late for dates. Most of the time the issue can be resolved without involving the other party. But what happens when you need to confront the person and advise them what he or she has done has you feeling some type of way. I mean... how do you formulate the words to say that "your actions or sentence made me look at you differently”? It's such a sticky situation you don’t want to it be nitpicky yet you need to be able to verbalize emotions so that you and the person can connect or even disconnect.  I always advise others to just say what needs to be said not matter the consequence. Is that really how we should be? Are the minor things that annoy us just single-isms (will post about this later this week)

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