Single Jewels To Think About..

from the mouths of Married Women

"Set your standards from the word and stand by them, and God will groom and send the right one for you your way, and you will know that he is the one."

"When you realize your true self all fears and uncertainties are diminished."

"Be real with yourself and your values and go with your gut"

"Optiministic heart but realistic mind"

"You can pray for mate all day, but when God makes the presentation, you must make the choice"

"When you're finally with that special someone (and you will), and he begging you to pay him some attention, remember this moment when you were single and didn't the time alone!"

"You should prioritize and make sure you get what's most important to you and work around the rest"

"A man will only do what you allow him to do, so set your expectations in the beginning & if he veers to the left check his *** & get em back on track! "