Wednesday, April 27, 2011


If anyone know about being set in their ways IT'S ME. First I should define what single-isms are, it is our personal way of thinking that we disguise as a rule, standard, or deal breaker. We all have them.The bad thing is we believe these single-isms so much we don't see that it is another way that we will stay (drum roll) S.I.N.G.L.E! Yes if we want to stay single we will keep sabotaging ourselves. Have you ever noticed that your rules haven't worked in the past? Waiting until  you get involved with someone is NOT the time to get rid of  single-isms. Matter of fact that's the worse time. it can be somewhat of a culture shock to some and may have you tense and stress.

Let me just say there is nothing wrong with having things you like and don't like but some of us go over bored. Some of us requires things we personally are not or don't have. I am all about being with someone that pushes you to do better but lets not be delusional about it. Some people have methods to their madness and may not directly meet your standards but may indirectly but "the one".

Some Single-isms
1. He doesn't have formal education
2. She doesn't cook like my Mom or Gma
3. He doesn't drive an expensive car
4. She doesn't meet my height requirement
5. He doesnt have a house
6. She doesn't have style

7. He doesnt talk like my Exs

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