Thursday, April 28, 2011

Relationship Pill

Ever wish there was a ' get right' or 'get a clue' pill you could give your partner/person of interest??? Some times to the person that agitated its obvious there is a problem and a solution. For some reason the other person isn’t getting it. This can lead to irritation and if prolonged even resentment. If there was a pill that would eliminate an argument, break up, breaking of plates, and slamming doors.

Example 1: Why is it when you give someone time, attention and effort they sometimes take advantage of it knowing that they aren’t fully ready for a relationship or too lazy to "get right"? I know you see how loyal, patient and caring I have been and you just not gonna treat me like I am treating you.

Example 2: Why is that some guys/girls realize your worth after the have screwed up so much that it would take serious prayer, meditation, and streams of test for you to even think about getting back with them? I mean you dated them they saw all you had to offer. You gave out more than enough "warnings"

Example 3: Have you ever heard "why you didn’t say anything before" and your body temperature raise cause you know you’ve said it not one...2...3...7830786427860425 times?!!! sometimes it takes the elevation of your voice or uncomfortable silince before someone "gets the clue".

I have been niave to believe that communication eliminates altercations. Boy was I wrong!!!!! Sometimes people have moments of selfishness where that just forget about the other person thats in their lives. If i could formulate a pill like the one on limitless just for relationships....

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