Friday, April 29, 2011

Dating Sux

If I could have had an arrange marriage when I was 18  I wouldn't have to deal with all this. I know things happen for a reason but something has to give. Sometimes I find myself asking "What.Is.The. Point?" I try to be as open and honest about my intentions to make it easier for other to adhere or gracefully bow out. What I don't understand is the ones that decided that what I want and what they want are not the same and leave...COME BACK. Like whhhhhhaattt...whhhhyyyy??? I understand you cant make someone be at the same place with the same thought but cmon son! You wait til i am completely over the idea of an "US/WE/OUR" to come back with  some 'act right'. I try not to hold grudges (cough cough) but something has to give. Like many other frustrated women and men we want warning signs texted to us when we meet nice men/women who have the intent to waste our time. Nothing is more annoying that someone who has consumes my child-free moments only to find out you are that interested but still want to hang out. Miss me with that. I would like to be compensated for all the time, energy, outfits and emotion that a guy wasted up until the point where we have the conversation "I'm not ready for a relationship". Most of the time I am able to dodge the bullet by being in tune about the nonverbal things a guys says. BUT there are time when a slick one slithers further than id like them to. It is all about strategy and identyfying what the other persons intentions as soon as possible. I do have friends who date just to date. I see no point in that! It may be all about having fun and getting to know people. Unfortunately I dont get much free time to partake in the 'dating game'. I honestly dont play or like games.

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