Thursday, April 21, 2011


Ode to Men

I can’t even deny that I am totally fascinated by how men think. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to me as a female how, why or why not you all do the things you do. It seems so unfair how we blame and mistreat some of you. I would like to apologize for some of us who have caused unnecessary pain in your life. Personally I didn’t realize the effect this had until I got older. It nothing worse then coming after a no good chick. I have so many horrible stories the past few years of how men have gotten dogged completely out. As men I know you are taught to not show/express certain emotions. Eventually that will/can take a toll on you. From my point of view you must be very careful in the preliminaries of dating these days. What I am telling you should be used case by case. Not all of us deal with things the same way. If you take time to not focus on really getting to know us before making ANY moves. You just might save your self from having a stalker/bush jumper. Common things to be aware of are:

Ladies who grew up w/o fathers

Ladies with childhood burdens that they haven’t addressed

Ladies desperate to be with you

Ladies who track you where about after date #1

Ladies angry with their child(rens) father

Ladies who repeatedly tell you they are daddy’s girls

Ladies who want to consume your time

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