Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Tis the season to be Boo’d up

I have a few friends who have found nice people in their lives and I am very excited for them. . BUT UMMMMM some thing has to give. Its funny how I notice when my friends “change”. When I talk with some of my homeboys about females there are dealing with I advise them to be mindful that the “change’ will occur. The change may not be drastic all the time. It depends on a few factor past relationships/encounters, how they grew up, and current mind frame. Due to past experience I have found that some friends don’t take to kind to my observation. If you know me you know I DON’T CARE,lol.

As much as I tease about candy-coated, honeyed, sugar cane sugary, syrupy sappy behavior its cute in SMALL doses. However wwwhhhhyyyy must we lose ourselves when this happen. Now I have told my friends in a joking/serious manner give me a good month to be sappy. Some people are so desperate for relationships that they become consume in it to the point they no longer have a real identity of their own. Please make sure the intentions are the same. Wifey and Hubby should be left for married couples to use (this really irks me to know end). Let me advise that I am far from a hater when it comes to people and relationships. I am totally pro-love for others. I just would like people to understand yes, it is a big deal to finally have someone that listens, hangs out and cares for you but realize its an addition to your life. You had a life, friends, fun before them

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