Monday, April 18, 2011



This is a tough topic for me because I have been known to hold grudges….w/o shame might I add. But what damage has that really caused? I mean really! Someone does me wrong and I cut them off without a second thought. Why? My reasoning is because I have been hurt in the past and allowed the person back in only to get hurt THE SAME way again. I spoke with an Ex over the weekend and after our conversation I realized that I had finally forgiven him and could now possible pursue a friendship. I often tell people I am funny acting because I am. Loyalty, trust, honesty in any relationship is mandatory for me. if one of these gets tarnished>>>it’s a wrap. “Selective Forgiveness” is what myself and a lot of people have to a certain extent. Depending on the amount of pain caused determines when or if I will forgive. I am not saying this is the right thing to do. Matter of fact I know it is completely wrong. Another aspect of my thinking I am working on…. I am very good at letting go, writing people off and being/becoming emotionally detached. In order for anyone to becoming a better person they must practice forgiving. I am not stating that forgiving requires you to allow that person back in TOTALLY AGAINST THAT IDEA *exceptions are made*. That stronghold that individual that you haven’t forgiven is in your head and heart until you let it go. The un forgiveness can directly or indirectly any and all relationships you may have/had. By not forgiving someone in your past you may sabotage your future. TRUE Story.Picture having a deep cut and doing a homemade bandage on it. Over a few days it “appears” that the cut is healing on the surface. If anyone rubs against it you will notice that your arm may be sore.  Until you truly heal its hard to not feel some type of discomfort or pain.

I would like to ask forgiveness from everyone that is still hurting form something I have done, said or didn't say. I would hate to be the reason someone doesn't move forward in their life.

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