Thursday, April 14, 2011


Can you hear me now?

There is such a disconnect between some when it comes to conversations. I am not sure where the email, texted, voicemail, or instant message was sent that said that we must all communication the same in a relationship. In the past I have counted men out of weren't as expressive as me. I felt I was doing all the talking on the phone and in person. Little did I know back then that non verbal "talking" was something that worked better for me. I have had a few conversations with my friends about certain situations they have been in and it all boils down to who said what or didn't say something or who didn't say enough. I now practice the art of conversing. This is when you make sure there isn't any distractions when you have conversations over the phone. In person you focus in on the persons eyes and try to read what their eyes are saying while they talk. Next part is to repeat what you thought you heard then advise what your perception of what was said. Often we hear and believe two different things. This makes things easy to get lost in translation.

Lets get back to  the non word "conversating"

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