Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baggage & Bitterness

I made a statement on twitter today that you can tell a bitter woman by her facebook status. It amazes me that we (men and women) carry burdens that we have caused in ourselves. Fellas you knew that she was thick with no sense and  a lot of craziness. That combo ALONE screams bush jumper,lol. Ladies we knew that man was married when we placed all our time, feelings, dreams and bed with him. Then after these relationship setbacks you jump right into the next with out cleansing your system. This time you find a nice person that was single but you self sabotaged it by cheating because you thought something else better was out there. Now we are on to the next. This time you may have grown some, had a change in heart and met someone who you clicked with. We add and add and add to our closet without sifting through. Now what the problem? We have some much stuff from the past we carry to our future there is no room for the new person.

This is similar to when a man and woman get married and move in together. The woman moves into the ex bachelor's house with all her stuff.  The baggage is heavy, the luggage is worn, the clothes she cant fit. Yet she still is holding on it her size zero catsuit with a fir trim from the 70s.

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