Friday, March 4, 2011

Cheating Part 1 of 4


Due to this being such a interesting topic I will be discussing different parts every Thursday of this month) The cheater, person being cheated on, the accomplice, and the alibi.

The Cheater- I wont be getting to deep into this character

Have you ever seen a child through a tantrum because they are not getting what they want or feel they need?

The cheater is the individual who some how feels a need or urge has not been met. They choose to seek out pleasure from someone or something outside of their committed relationship. Yes, this person is selfish, inconsiderate, deceptive, immature and wrong for their behavior. Often times cheating happens out of the urge for intimacy, need for thrill or excitement, attention and nonjudgmental understanding.

There are many excuses given by cheaters. Some learned this behavior from parents and others want to leave their current situations but due to their own stupid conclusions feels it best to stay and “do their thing”. Bottom line the cheater lacks self control  and the ability to be honest with themselves and partner.

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