Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jumping The Gun Instead Of Jumping The Broom

Did you know there are plenty of men out here that have no interest in being married? They even advise us of this! Yet we still think we can change the way they think. It is easy to fall in the trap. He is handsome, cool, nice job and fun to talk to. Only thing missing you want to be married and he is cool with you guys just living together. Year after year you guys argue about when it’s going to happen (the wedding) and year after year he says he is happy how things are. WHA-t!!???

Here is my conclusion, *whispers* it’s our fault. There are plenty of wonderful men but only one that will be your husband. Yes, depending on where, it can be a bit scarce (s/o to Atlanta, chuckle). Let’s not jump the gun with the first guy we meet.

BTW Some guys say they do not want to be married based on parents or close relatives or past relationships…those are the special guys. We as women should use discernment to filter out this type of man.

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