Friday, February 4, 2011

What Do We Like???

I decided to do another post because ITS MY BIRTHDAY,lol

That questions seems easy enough right? I have come to the realization that we can probably identify what we DON'T want based on past experience. How fair is to advise someone what you don't like and leave them clueless on what to do. So what if the person makes sure he/she doesn't do anything you don't like? Is that person in the wrong or are we wrong for being specific with the positive. I know we all come from different backgrounds so all your likes may not be known. This may require you to take time out and just recognize a few things to get you started on the path. Dating can be really frustrating if we don't make sure we have a sense of direction. That's like being on special teams and not know your plays or dressing up for the club when you are going hiking. We need to be better prepared for the agenda of dating. By learning ourselves. The more we learn about ourselves the easier it will be to identify the person who matches or doesn't match what we are looking for.

Once we know what we like then we can hold our partner accountable. I mean what a feeling to know that someone says they like, are interested and care for you and show you by doing something you like because you've expressed what you like to them. woah!

I recommend the Conquerors by Ron Smith , 5 Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman and Three Magic Words by U S Anderson


  1. wow ... we can debate this subject

  2. we all have the power of choice ... we choose to be alone .. to live closed minded ... to limit our awareness . i feel like when you open your mind and take a chance on life . good things happen ... i am not saying date a thug or a law breaker . just look a lil deeper then the cover and material things ... i really dont know you that well but i see alot of women judge men because of there material thing and not by their personality

  3. Often time thats the first thing men show. I can recall countless time I have heard men say they need to get themselves together first. Once I ask what does that mean 7/10 time they list materialistic things as reasons they are not 'together'.

    I beleive that a lot of our ways stem from how we were raised, experiences and adopted behavior.