Thursday, February 10, 2011


First things first the argument that "I don't like someone telling me I am suppose to do something nice on this day" is sssssoooo played out.

Fellas I totally understand the pressure you all feel around this time that you "gotta" do something. Ladies we take the fun out of giving with all this expecting. Besides do you put this same pressure any other day? What results do you get? I mean really think about it. If you complain about not doing stuff any other day WHHHHHYYYYY do you feel he can step up to the plate on Feb 14th. Maybe my expectations are high. I expect random acts of kindness consistently throughout the year. I feel we all should. Yes some men are slow to move. I have something for that. Examples **My father learned how to swim because he had no other choice when he joined the Marines. If a man doesn't have a job and there is a job offered to him for the right money and its not his skill set. He would learn the job and probably be the best at it. So instead of the pressure to go all out on Vday How about placing that pressure/setting that standard for the whole year?

Ladies we have a crazy way of manipulating stuff to make it fit our way. Vday is by far some of our ( & Hallmark's) BEST work. Who in the world says its a female holiday??? Loving relationships take 2 people, right? I researched and the common definition for Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate and express; love and affection between two individuals in a romantic way. There is no way that this day should be so one sideded. Yes, I know you do stuff for him ALL year long and may expect a few 'special' days out the year. Honey that's YOUR fault. Next year aim higher. You should be going all out for him too. Just like you shouldn't be the only one doing and thinking about the both of you throughout the year, he shouldn't be the one carrying the load of Vday. Both parties should feel loved, wanted, needed, appreciated and special on Vday and every other day for that matter.

I know this may seem like a rant but the whole point is if standards/ground rules/expectations are made and met from the JUMP everyone would have a stress free Vday with no one disliking the holiday...beside some of us single people ;-).

Singles I know its tough for some of us to sit back and witness all the sappiness going on around us but take this time to write down what you would do if you had a significant other. Another suggestion would be to step out of your comfort zone for a day and make another SINGLE person your Valentine. We definitely should not spoil this for our sappy in love/in like friends who have an official Valentine. If you are trying to get with someone this may be a ggggooooddd time to "get right". AND THEN continue making him/her feel special. (hint hint wink wink)

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