Friday, February 4, 2011

Patterns, Spots & Patchwork

As if being sane and single wasn't a task...there is more,lol. One thing that puzzles me is why do people get into dating and relationship? The question isn't for the people who are interested like me. These are for the scorned, scared, lazy, commitment phobic, and or still attached to their previous partners. I tend to not think past what someone shows me patterns, spots and patch work. I do realize that with love, time and prayer things can be worked through. Some of us need to realize when they need to be alone and work on self before getting involved with someone else who that can potential hurt.

It takes about around 20 days to form a pattern. Which is normally the beginning period where both parties are somewhat consistent. Both explain why they didn't call, quick to apologize,and want to make good impressions. Then all of a sudden maybe the girl goes out of town on business and the communication slacks off for a few days. She returns and things change. She then feels some type of way and he feels he doesn't have to explain himself. Pattern broken, no recovery made or maybe not even attempted, interest lost/fades....where is the restart button

I hear this far to often from friends. That when you really diggin someone but certain ways irritate you. You stick out hoping things will get better. Turns out overtime that little irritant thing has become flat out annoying. Instead of focusing on the positive that 1,2 or a few flaws have distracted your focus. Often times we don't address with the other party until its too late. The conversation turns every one's defenses on full blast, someone if not both shut down...where is the restart button

Patch Work
This by far is my favorite of the 3 (insert sarcasm here). This is when a person is looking for someone to fill a void, left by their past partner/partners, themselves, relative or just need something to do. YOU NOT FINNA USE ME FOR A ONE SIDED NUFFIN *Excuse my outburst* These folks 'act' as if they want what you want. Matter of fact that rrreeaaallyy know how to make this act last a few months. Then they start wanting you to change, get extra needy or seem to never be happy with your efforts. Either the person make all the attempts gets fed up or the emotional leech disappears and moves on to the next...let's just press forward on this.


It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required.Sir Winston Churchill

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