Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How Much Is Your Heart Worth?

 I OVERstand how annoying and boring singlehood can get at time. Eating alone, no one to discuss tv shows or what happened in your day BUT REALLY why are we selling ourselves short just to change our relationship statuses on facebook. Our heart is worth so much more than leasing it to the first bidder. Besides we all know what the definition of lease is *side eye*. No one better knows our worth than us. We are the reason people treat us like they do. So if we have no self worth.???...ding ding ding tell them what they have won....HEARTACHE. Of course its a sticky situation when you think you have someone you kinda sorta in a way feelin and your like well its not much out there. Sometime I find myself thinking back on situations like IT WAS NOT EVEN WORTH IT.

Check this out Bad Relationships Could Damage Your Heart

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