Friday, February 18, 2011


                                                                 Open Minded Dating

It is no secret I am very particular when it comes to this dating thing. Not all my experiences have been bad. Its apparent they haven't been what was needed for me being that I am single.This week I made the decision to try open minded dating. OMD is a term I have created to explain altering your "list" of wants from a mate. Based on conversations I have had recently the "list" is a collection of wants, needs, and deal breakers. If we don't take the time to identify which is which we end up making a big deal about a want and by passing what we consider a deal breaker. From experience I have been T.O.U.G.H about my list. My list consisted of ALL deal breakers. Yes *rolls eyes* I NOW know realistically that there are a few things I must have but all the other things are a bit extra.This week I have noticed that this attitude has given me a different outlook on relationships. As much as I think I am open minded I find myself placing people in a box. A lot of us feel the same way. We are open minded to a certain extent. If we take the time to look within we will realize *drum roll please* WE ARE NOT PERFECT. Yeah I know it was shocking to me too. Why not take a chance and try open minded dating? What do we have to lose?

Now by no means am I saying that OMD means just date whoever but I am saying think about all (stubborness, neediness, etc)  you come with that someone has to deal with and reconsider the "list" you have.

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