Friday, February 1, 2013

I am Capable...But am I willing

In December I took a quiz on

Score: 4 You are capable of giving and receiving love at the same rate but you don't. In each of your relationships you purposely hold back or you think that they are purposely holding back

I suggest everyone take the quiz. Sadly it did not take a quiz for me to figure this one out. Although the way it is stated really had me saying” Oh Wow I need to do better”. I am aware that my past has a lot to do with how I interact with people in general. I feel it’s easier to stay at arms length. I can see what the other person is or isn’t doing. However what good is that?!!! I mean in retrospect my track record has been kind of hit or miss. Some people have benefitted from having me in their life but I can’t say they same. Whose fault is it...Ultimately mine. The decision to have anyone in my life is mine…even family. No longer can I allow myself to continue with the same track record. That is the joy of the 30s…ability to reprogram. Although anytime is the best time…it’s good to have a restart. So by taking ownership of my choices I am now able to make the decision to “dive in” (Trey song voice) instead of falling back.

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