Sunday, August 7, 2011

Still In your LANE

Ever wonder why someone does or says something they cant back up? Especially when dating. If you can not call daily why start the routine in the beginning. I know it is important to put your best foot forward but be realistic, be intentional and be honest.

Realistic-Out of all people you should know how you operate, your schedule and what your best attributes are. If you spent more time focused on what we are capable of wouldn't suck so bad!
:for example:  I know we should put our best foot forward but make sure its your size shoe.

Intentional- Is this mutual? What the point? We all have lots going on. Dont waste your time or the other person's time. Because time is so prescious we should be intentional with dating. There is someone for everyone. Dont ruin someone who wants a relationship and you dont. Just find the person that matches your life.

Honest- What do you have to offer? What do they have to offer? These questions should be asked and oftentimes more than once. Let's be honest if we really think back on failed relationships or dating experiences we 'saw' signs.

Overall the goal is to do what you do best, be who with who best fits you and make it work. We must not lonly look out for others but ourselves too. We get nothing great out of overextending what or who we are to make someone like us. In the end we fail us and them>>>>

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