Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Women Want

 I received a request for me to discuss this. The answer is simple to me.


Try to learn the Her. And NO “So, tell me about yourself” is not the route to take. We would like someone that actually seems to listen to our every rant, rave, dream, desire and complaint. I have had issues with guys assuming they know what I want based off females they have talked to before. When I say issues I mean debates. NEGATIVE. People are different because of their families, experiences, life styles, goals, etc. There comes a time to place pride to the aside and admit I may not know her like I should. How do you correctly this, actively listen, ask questions AND of course trial and error.


We tend to be quite confusing. If there is a potential that wants to get to know you can we help him out? Stop giving out the wrong information. We can and will give off what we don’t want and like all day but ummmm do we even know what we want and like? For example if a guy makes it a point to NOT do what we don’t like is he in the wrong if he doesn’t do anything extra? N-O so what are we complaining about again? Who better to know what we want than ourselves.

Oh yeah and Fellas once you are advised what we want please stop deviating from it and T-Pain remixing it unless it is suggested. I have heard plenty of stories about women and advising their men what they like and Dude ends up doing what he wants. WHY WHY WHY?

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