Sunday, March 14, 2010

Whose Job Is It Anyway

Often times I wonder why a "Everything they should know by adulthood" handbook was not included once anyone became a parent. I mean...really there are so many things that can be forgotten. Most parents choose to correct the mistakes from the 1st child with the 2nd. But as we grow older we realize there are a lot of things we just didn't have preparation for. For me I realized that I was exposed to different things but parenting, expressing myself and intimate relationships were not things my parents instructed me on. I was left to research, experience and learn from friends. This is the reason I decided on a career as a life coach. How fortunate are those who are well rounded in all areas of life because of their parents. It is rare to find a person who says " Everything I know I received from my parents". To have someone like myself self assist in piecing everything together is a time, stress and frustration saver. Try a consultation with a life coach.

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