Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Take Time For You

Yesterday my body FORCED me to take a day off and rest. A lot of us take in our problems, family issues, and our friend’s drama but end up taking care of everybody but ourselves. Leaving our problems on the back burner to settle in the pan and become to thick to scrub off without extra elbow grease. We must take time to take are of self. As hard headed as I am I actual know to do this but some times get so caught up that it takes me waking up with a stiff body and a terrible migraine. For everyone that has flown do you recall the flight attendant stating place you air mask on before helping others. Hhhhmm something to keep in mind we must take better care of ourselves before taking care of others.

Please note some people can be selfish and not realize you may be going through the same or even worse issues but as long as you continue to let them burden you day in and out they will. You can kindly say “Has anything good happen today or You know I have noticed that you are always dealing with something lets try a different approach by thinking positive

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